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HP LaserJet MFP Technology Training – In collaboration with HP, we’ve created an award-winning VR training program that’s revolutionizing tech education.


Transforming Trade Shows with Immersive VR: How Stratasys revolutionized 3D printing experiences, saving costs, and streamlining logistics.


When G + D aimed to elevate bank note inspection system training, we delivered a game-changing VR solution.

With more than two decades
as a recognized industry leader

– Intracon raises the bar on XR training.

We have a proven track record of delivering complex technical training and XR development globally. That’s why some of the world’s largest tech companies turn to Intracon, including HP.
When you work with Intracon, you’re getting the most creative, knowledgeable, and innovative XR experts in the industry.

Virtual Reality?

As the business world adapted and evolved to accommodate more remote work and less travel and face-to-face environments – VR has become an even more critical resource.

Whether viewing content through a headset or leveraging desktop VR, it removes participation barriers, enabling companies to train entire teams without requiring select individuals to attend off-site in-person training sessions. Additionally, VR inherently reduces waste, a crucial consideration for many companies concerned with their environmental impact.

Augmented and
Mixed Reality

Virtual Reality isn’t the answer for every company or every situation. Intracon is uniquely positioned to help clients assess optimal options, including Augmented and Mixed Reality.

We’re experts at building a range of solutions, from leveraging existing company hardware (smartphone, tablet, etc.) – to creating complex applications using wearable devices.

This array of options allows Intracon to create a customized and scalable experience with easy adoption and broad availability.

Augmented and
Mixed Reality

Keeping Clients Safe with Cleanbox Technology

Intracon has partnered with Cleanbox to ensure our clients have a clean and safe XR experience with our devices. Cleanbox’s advanced UVC LED technology provides 99.999% disinfection in just one minute. If you’re interested in Cleanbox technology for your XR hardware, reach out to us!

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